Online Lace Symposium

Just found the Knitting Beyond the Hebrides Online Lace Symposium from May 2006. Lots of nifty little articles, tips, interviews, and fun stuff. Includes an interview with Meg Swansen and a look at the design process for the popular Peacock Shawl.


Shelley said…
Hi! Came here via your link in the Knitters Review Forums on the Easter Egg dying thread I posted.

I like the colour of your rovings that you did with the Easter egg dyes and the Kool-aid. I've always heard to use the vinegar with Kool-aid because if you don't, the Kool-aid will fade over time (sometimes it doesn't take long for it to start fading).

Thanks for posting about your dying. I'll bookmark your blog and be back again!

Shelley (Tabby2002)
SpinalCat said…
Thanks a lot! I'll be posting a picture of the spun singles as soon as I get a full bobbin's worth. (almost there!)

P.S. What a cute kitty!

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