Book Notes: Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook

Lynne Vogel's Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook lived up to my expectations in some areas, but not others. It aims to be a guide through the process of dyeing, spinning, designing, and knitting socks. I found the dyeing section highly useful. The differences between hot pour and cold pour dyeing are clearly discussed with large, clear step by step photos. In general, the photography in this book is one of its best attributes. I also learned a lot in the section discussing how to manipulate a painted roving to obtain a wide variety of effects in the finished yarn. I was a bit disappointed in the scant coverage of the technical aspects of spinning. Vogel prefers singles or 2-ply yarns, while I was looking for advice on how to spin a sturdy 3-ply for durable socks. The sock knitting section contains pretty standard info, but may be more complete than other books. Short-row, heel flap, and several types of afterthought heel are discussed, with information on mending and reknitting each type.


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