Sunday Sews- Fleece JRRs, Bunzies, adult WTP

I spent this weekend fighting off a sore throat, so I stayed home and sewed. I had enough fleece left over from S's pajama pants to make matching Jolly Roger Raglans with fleece on the front and solid C/l for the rest of the shirt. I ordered more fleece from JoAnn during a recent 70% off sale and made myself a pair of Walk the Plank pants. I had enough left to make S a matching set of pants and shirt. Unfortunately the elastic on mine is a little too long and it would be a huge pain to undo the stitching to shorten it. I might put in a drawstring.
I also made my first pair of Bunzies (pattern from Stitch Upon a Time on Etsy) with some C/L from JoAnn (print) and Purpleseamstress (solid). These are high waisted, full coverage.


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