FO: Amiga Cardi

FO: Amiga Cardigan

Early in the summer, Knitspiration Guild had an Amiga knitalong. Here's mine. We talked about how to adjust raglan shaping when necessary for a custom fit. I usually do pretty well with a standard shaping, so I didn't make any modifications in that section other than changing the kfb increases to mirrored M1 increases.
It's a pattern by Mags Kandis. I wasn't super thrilled about it in the beginning, but I made a lot of changes to make it more similar to the Featherweight Cardigan from Knitbot (Hannah Fettig). I mostly set it aside during the build up to Sock Summit and I picked it up again in earnest on the way home.
The thing that bugged me the most about the original was the rolled hem that seemed to ride up really badly in the back in the pattern photos. It was pretty cropped to begin with, too.
I added waist shaping, made it significantly longer, and changed the rolled hem to a 1x1 rib. I added decreases to taper the sleeves more and changed the rolled cuff to 1x1 rib. I need to go back and make the sleeves a couple of inches longer. The way they are right now (right at the elbow), they are exactly the wrong length and the ribbing gets really bunched up when I bend my arm.
Other than that mild adjustment that needs to be made, I love this thing!
The Rowan Panama feels great and I was a little surprised how much I liked working with it. It's a little bit splitty, but not as bad as I expected. I love the colors, too! I talked a couple of other people in the guild into using it too. :)
The Dorset buttons were fun to make and I got to add a little pink to the sweater! My first instinct was to do the whole thing in that color, but I got talked out of it. I had just finished a pink-ish garment. I just had to buy 1 ball of pink for the buttons or some other kind of trim! The 2 colors together ended up perfectly matching this dress I got at Banana Republic.
Oh, I almost forgot about my big fail! I have a tendency to just dismiss certain parts of pattern instructions when I think I have a better way. I thought I'd skip marking the button placement before picking up stitches for the rolled neck edge and just do it when it was time to make the buttonholes. Well, pretty much regardless of the length of your needle, it's not going to lay right with the stitches on a cable. I made my best guess but it ended up being way too low and I had to redo it. I didn't rip all the way back to the buttonholes- I dropped down and picked back up to get rid of one of them and dropped down and made another one higher. That was kind of funky, but it was a loose enough gauge (fingering weight on a size US 8) to have some slack to squeeze in a new buttonhole. Yeah, so I should have just tried it on and marked it when it said I was supposed to.

Modification details-
Changed kfb raglan increases to mirrored m1 increases.
Length from underarm lengthened to 16" from 10".
Waist shaping- decreased 2 stitches each side every 6th round 7 times, knit one inch without shaping, increased 2 stitches each side every 6th round 7 times. (I just realized this is a 6" difference and actually twice the shaping I meant to do, but it works for me!)
Changed rolled hem to 1x1 rib.
Decreased 2 stitches every 8th round 8 times for each sleeve.
Changed rolled sleeve hem to 1x1 rib.


spinnity said…
Great job, Amy and thanks for the notes on the mods. Your buttonhole placement looks awesome and inspires me to undo that bindoff and try again.

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