FO: Colinette Ab Fab Throw

Colinette Ab Fab Afghan in Morello Thumb

I made this Ab Fab Throw as a present for Bryan's dad's wedding. Kim happens to have the same thing for red that I do. This is Morello Mash, one of their new colors. I'd link to the Colinette website, but it is just terrible. I saw the new colors in an ad in Yarn Market News and the URL is not findable by using their main site or Googling, so I lost it until a rep emailed it to the shop.
This is something I'd been wanting to knit for years, and it was pretty fun. It actually went a lot quicker than I thought.

Morello Thumb


Zombie Queen said…
That is so gorgeous!
maria said…
thats a really beautiful colourway
do you know which shades you used ? I made one in waterlillies ,so I have the pattern just not which colours I need ,
mary keough said…
Do you still have the pattern? I am trying to finish one that I started in 2007 and haven't touched in 3 years - but I've lost the pattern and can't find a source for it.

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