FO Roundup: Linen Stitch Scarf + Pleiades Scarf

My startitis at the beginning of the year has started to pay off!
I'm still somewhat afflicted. I've been getting completely obsessed with the idea of starting certain projects.

Linen Stitch Scarf

The Linen Stitch Scarf is a Churchmouse pattern we've started carrying at Yarndogs. After helping a customer pick out colors for her scarf, I decided I had to do one too! This one is going to be a shop sample for a few months, so you can go visit it yourself if you'd like. I knit this in 3 balls of Claudia Fingering. The fuchsia and the red are actually both the Rubies Playing colorway, but hugely different dye lots! The variegated color is Just Plum.


The Pleiades scarf is the February project for the Dream in Color Dream Club. This is a club that operates on the yarn shop level. Shops that sign up for the club get a shipment each month of an exclusive colorway and a pattern. This month, the yarn is Starry.

Those of you who are very astute may have realized both these scarves are knit lengthwise. In fingering weight. For a few miserable days, I had both projects going at the same time. One with 450 stitches and one with almost 600!

I'm kind of obsessed with the dayflower lace pattern seen along the top of the Pleiades scarf. I'd never seen the Dayflower Daydream shawl from a Best of Knitter's Magazine book until I leafed through the book at my recent lace design class with Janel Laidman at Stitches West (more on that later).

I'd also sort of forgotten about the Myrtle Cardigan by Snowden Becker (a super talented knitter/designer from the Austin Meetup Group). I think I will have to do one or both of these. I have 5 skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace I'd been saving for a Cap Shawl. I'd sort of fallen out of love with that idea after realizing the outer portion of the Cap Shawl has basically the same stitch pattern as the Leaf and Trellis Shawl I've been stalled out on for (gulp!) years. It's really the edging on that shawl that has me stalled out, though. I pulled it out around the holidays and tried to do a few repeats every day, but it didn't last. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

I might knit the Myrtle in my own hand dyed yarn. I think I'd make it a pullover, like this one. A cardigan's easier to just throw on and wear, but I'm wary of fussy buttons and afraid of possible gapping at the front. All of the cardigans I've made so far are worn open or closed with pins or a single button.


Maria said…
I love your new blog look!

And that linen stitch scarf is gorgeous. There's a linen stitch skirt that I've had my eye on for quite some time, but I just don't think I can stomach knitting a whole garment in that.
Abigail said…
Wow, I really like the Pleiades scarf! Gorgeous!

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