FO Roundup: Felted Clogs, Socks, & More!

Bryan's Felted Clogs
I finally felted Bryan's clogs and sewed on the suede soles (made by Fiber Trends, bought at Yarndogs). Protip: if you're making these for a gift, allow up to a week for drying!
The clogs are even more comfy and warm than I imagined! I definitely need a pair for myself.

Here's a both-socks-finished photo of my basic self-striping socks. This is a pattern I give away with purchase of striping yarns, but I've been meaning to put it up for free on Ravelry so I don't have to remember to email it to people!
Basic Self-Striping Socks

I also recently finished these lacy socks in Colinette Jitterbug. The pattern is going into testing and editing now, but it still needs a name. Somehow, this is only my first pair of red socks!
Jitterbug Socks

And this is my finished swirl ball from the pattern Mary taught at the December guild meeting. I finished it that same night, but forgot to blog about it. The cats have definitely claimed it as theirs. Ziva's sitting next to me on the couch now and she's got it with her.

Swirl Ball

She did her little dance with it for about 10 minutes before sitting down. Basically she gets on a blanket with a toy in her mouth and "makes biscuits" while purring really loudly. Video below. I really want to know what that behavior *means*, but I'm totally


Amanda said…
Those red socks are gorgeous! I have made the felted clogs, but I love the idea of putting suede bottoms on them. I'm bummed I missed the swirl ball lesson. They are so cute.

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