FO: Rainbow Sock Blank Socks

I worked out a trade with my awesome customer Angelica for a Bond knitting machine. I was curious about using it to produce long-striping yarns where the stripes kind of variegate into each other at the transitions. There's a Sock Blank Artist group on Ravelry with lots of examples of this kind of effect.
My First Sock Blank!
Here's the first double-stranded sock blank off the machine. I used 50 stitches and the number 4 plate.
This blog post was super helpful in figuring out how to get started.
What appear to be clips from the original instruction video are on YouTube here.

Here's one side of the blank after dyeing-
Sock Blank

And here's the finished socks!
Rainbow Gradient Socks

I did these toe-up with a short row heel. Specifically, I used the Sherman heel which uses an encroachment technique instead of wrapped or yarn over short rows. I think it gives the same result as Japanese short rows without using a pin to mark the strand that gets picked up.

Sock blanks aren't going to replace my normal method for dyeing self-striping yarns, but it's an interesting technique with distinctive results. I made one skein of self-striping lace weight from a blank, and I plan on doing more.
Self-striping Merino/silk Lace


Zombie Queen said…
I love those socks!! They came out amazing :)
Anonymous said…
Very cool! Interesting process .Beautiful socks.

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