My First Batt! Plus a New Handspun WIP & Spindle Pr0n

Here's how it started-
So many Phat Fiber* contributors create the most amazing drumcarded batts. Some of the first few that come to mind are Knitty and Color, Bohemia Fibers, and Lampyridae. I've been drooling over them since I joined the Ravelry group and started following the shop update thread. It got me really curious to see just how much effort goes into making them and what the process is like. I thought I'd try to make it to noblograchel's house sometime this summer and take a look at her carder. Well, Rachel came to the spin-in at my house this weekend and brought her Pat Green carder (not to be confused with the country singer Pat Green who went to my high school)! I get to play with it for a month!

One of May's Phat Fiber samples was from a co-op of artists and included 3 coordinating puffs of fiber. I carded them into this little batt and am beyond thrilled!

You can't really see the silky bits in that photo, but they are so gorgeous in person.

Here's the bias knit pillow panel that I started in the singles I spun from the Crafty Scientist batts. Bryan's response was, "Is that going to be in our house??" It's a little out of the ordinary for me, but I secretly love thick and thin bulky singles, aka "beginner yarn." It's fun to feel all the crazy textures and bits of stuff as they pop up in the yarn.
It's like, "O, hai, big piece of ribbon! I remember you!"

I received the spindle I mentioned ordering from Spindle Designs. It came from Israel, so it took a little while. it's just under 1 oz and has a lovely shimmery purple wood-grain style design. It came with a sample of local wool, so I had to start messing with it right away. It is just the right weight for relatively fine spinning, and I think it will work great for holding the core for the wrap and roll method of making supercoils.

*So, I know I talk about Phat Fiber a lot, but it is a really cool group. There are so many indie fiber artists out there that I wouldn't even know where to start shopping. In the Ravelry group, I feel like I get to know everybody's personality and style. When I get a contributor's box, I get to see their work firsthand. Coming up with samples that fit the month's themes is a great creative exercise and it is so neat to see how everyone interprets it a little bit differently. Everyone is super friendly and encouraging, and we all support each other. If any of you want to know what it is like to contribute, buy a box, or just stalk us a little, I recommend joining the Ravelry group.


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