Getting Ready for Oakland Fiber Fest

Rocky and Ziva have been helping me plan my booth setup. It never ceases to amaze me how much cats love elevated horizontal surfaces, especially if covered in fabric.

Cash box is ready to go. Now I have to go into the actual bank and get actual cash. So weird. I haven't been inside a bank in years.

Now for the really exciting part. I got these awesome handmade stitch markers from Decor Noir, and will be giving away 1 marker of your choice with purchase of yarn or fiber. (While supplies last, duh.) There's coffins, assorted bloody eyeballs, brains, and really awesome yarn monster eyeballs. These are the full size markers that fit up to a US 10 needle.


Bogie said…
I'm going to be in the East Bay on Sunday so I hope I'll be able to stop by and say hi.
Beesybee said…
Hi Amy,
I saw you at the Oakland Fiber Festival. I wanted to say hi and introduce myself, but it was busy. I loved your booth! Best,
SpinalCat said…
Thank you, Patricia!

I am about to start plying the milk fiber I bought from you! I'm getting better at coils and really looking forward to it.

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