Old FO: Basic Self-Striping Socks

I've got this pattern for picot cuff self-striping socks with a peasant heel written up for 4 sizes. I need to take some more photos and finalize the layout, then it's off to the tech editor. My philosophy on avoiding gaps on the peasant heel is different from the way I go about the same thing on heel-flap socks. I'm a firm believer in picking up extra stitches at the ankle for flap heels, but not a fan at all of picking up extra stitches at the ankle for the peasant heel. On socks with a gusset, the diagonal line of decreases hides the gory details of whatever happens in that corner. The extra stitches are also just a continuation of the normal stitches that get picked up off the side of the flap. On the peasant heel, extra stitches that appear out of nowhere are not attractive to me at all. I much prefer tightening things up with a little bit of duplicate stitch when the knitting's all done.


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