Nothing to See Here!

I've been knitting, but not much I can show right now. I'm waiting on a couple submissions. I've whipped up a really cute project, and I'm planning on having it ready to be edited by the end of the week. That one will definitely be self-published. Partly because I'm so eager to share it with you, and partly because the time for submitting fall/winter things to the online mags has long gone. I've been getting set up to wholesale hard copies of my patterns to shops. The Sidewinder Hat will be available at Yarndogs (that's the plan, anyway) and I'll be teaching a class on it. I'm working on the shop sample now, and it's just flying. I think it will be a great class because it has cables and directional decreases and chart reading. The stitch patterns are both written out and in charts, which I think makes it a good intro to charts.


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