Summer Recipe Dump

Which is much tastier than it sounds. ;)
Sorry, no pics. We ate all this stuff way too quick.
I've been doing a lot of baking lately to keep myself busy. A month or so ago, I made this raspberry-rhubarb pie from the May Cooking Light twice in a few days. I used the frozen crust from Whole Foods, and it was fine. I would probably rate this recipe 5 stars (big surprise). Whole Foods sells boxes of powdered tapioca (next to the baking supplies) so you don't have to buy big tapioca and process it yourself. I didn't have the currant liqueur. I drizzled in some of the liquid from a jar of blackberry preserves.

I went with Maria to Gizdich Ranch at the end of June. We picked strawberries, olallieberries, and boysenberries. It was a whole lot of fun. I've heard fantastic things about their bake shop and juice as well. I made a couple recipes out of a Cooks Illustrated "Cooking For Two" book I bought at Cosentino's. The strawberry shortcakes were very short indeed because I used old baking powder. The cheesecakes did something really odd. I definitely need a new probe thermometer, an oven thermometer, and probably another new instant-read. I just bought a new instant-read and it was obviously way off when I used it to check some pork. :( Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

On the 4th of July weekend I made muffulettas. The bread could use a little tweaking to get it the way we prefer, but everything was really good. Especially after I got salami that wasn't icky. Next time I'll forget all the fancy meats and olive salad and do something more like the Schlotsky's chain or Schmaltz's in Waco. Turkey, salami, cheddar, and black olives. I'm not excited about going to Texas in a couple weeks, but I'm super excited about going to Schmaltz's. Omg, cheddar soup.

I made the Ranier cherry crumble out of the back page of the June Cooking Light. It was awesome. I just got the August issue and I've already made the cast-iron burgers. I thought they were amazing! Tonight we did the fish tostadas from the same issue. They were tasty, but we both spilled food off our tostadas and onto the floor. We'll stick to tacos when we eat the leftovers.

I was going to make monkey bread from the King Arthur Flour site for no-blog-rachel's birthday, but I didn't wake up in time. I made lemon bars instead because they looked easy. The filling was much thinner than I'd like. I'd probably double the filling next time. One commenter on the recipe said the filling soaked into the crust, but I don't think that happened to me. I could tell the layer of filling would be very thin when I poured it. I may just ask Maria for her recipe.


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