FO: Self-Striping Socks

Hand dyed self-striping socks.

Self-Striping Socks, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

I'm still here, I just haven't felt very chatty lately. If you see me, I could probably use a hug. I've finished a few things, but most of them aren't bloggable. I think I need an accountability buddy for getting patterns submitted or published. Things are starting to pile up, though I do think I'll be meeting some Sept 1 deadlines. I have a tendency to put off things that are just for myself. I need to get my business license to start putting things in my Ravelry shop which is all set up. I've got my free patterns off to the side over here ----------->
You don't have to be a Ravelry member to use the "download now" link. I'm beginning to learn the lesson that I need to speak up, take chances, and let other people help me. I got brave and asked somebody for a favor a couple of weeks ago and it actually happened! I'm moving into a supervisory role at one of my volunteer jobs which is progress, but frightening. I'm starting to collect other volunteer jobs. I hooked up with some people that will hopefully get my photography some exposure and may get me hooked up with screenprinting lessons. There's one more volunteer job I'll be applying for in the next month that I think would give me a different kind of experience that I'm looking for. I have several connections there, so hopefully it will work out. My brother's going to stay with us for a little while next month. He'll be 17 by the time he gets here!
I'm also feel like I need to do stuff with friends outside of knitting. Sometimes I just really need a break from this stuff. I want to get some people together to play bocce since I've never done it.

So, these socks.
I did the heel on 60% of stitches the second time and it was much better. I did surgery on the completed sock to redo the heel on 60% as well. I've typed up my notes, but it's not really a top priority right now. I do have an idea for another self-striping colorway.


Gayle said…
Hi Amy. Like the socks! For bocce try Campo di Bocce in Los Gatos. I don't think there is a place like that in Austin. I miss CA.
SpinalCat said…
Yup. I got sick of always driving or walking by it and never going. We actually live in the town. I work at Yarndogs downtown. I think they probably didn't exist yet when you moved away. I'm liking California a lot! I miss Barton Springs, but there's some beaches and lakes not too far in case I feel the need to swim in ridiculously cold water!
Maria said…
The socks look good! Also, afaik, you don't need a business license to sell patterns on Rav. PDFs aren't taxable in CA. (They don't count as tangible property.)

I don't know if you heard about me getting a job at the game company. Maybe we can hang out again some time. Though I don't know how busy (or not) I'll be now. New jobs are a little scary.

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