WIP: Basic Self-Striping Sock

First one of these is done.

Self-Striping Sock, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

For the next one, I'm going to do the peasant heel on 60% of stitches instead of 50%. I'll be writing it up as a basic pattern for self-striping yarn. I'll even throw in multiple sizes! :)
Also, I'm trying to work out the logistics of how I would teach a class on dyeing self-striping sock yarn. The methods I use at home would have to be adapted for space and available equipment.


Anonymous said…
Love the colors. Do you finish the 2nd one? It looks comfy. My weekend goal is to get over my dpn intimidation and learn to knit a pair of socks. Which is why I am looking at images of hand knitted socks. -Vi
Anonymous said…
I meant to write "Did you finish the 2nd one?" Silly me, how did that error slip by. Ooops!

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