FO: Phenomenauts Socks

Ok, I'm jumping the gun on this one, but I'm at the toe decreases on the 2nd sock. They'll have to be done by tomorrow night for the Gilman St show. I've already had one band member ask for a pair. I may end up knitting 5 pairs of men's socks on size 0 needles by the time this is all done with!

Phenomenauts Sock, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

These socks also happen to be famous.
If you want to see embarrassing (I'm assuming, I haven't had the guts to look yet) pictures of me, you'll have to track down the print edition. Just for the record, there's an error in the article. The first Phenomenauts show I saw was just after we moved here, not before. They opened for The Slackers at Slim's. BTW, there'll be a Slackers show there on June 4, the night before my birthday. We skipped Mad Sin last night cause we're going to Red Elvises tonight. And May 30, the Devolutionaries are playing. Devo cover band! So much fun!


Bogie said…
Cool! (5 pairs of men's socks on size 0's? I hope they have relatively small feet!)

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