FO: Mermaid Jacket

FO: Mermaid Jacket, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Here you go! This is the Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid kit in color #10. Kit #10 comes with both pink and mustard for the contrast yarn. This is (obviously) the pink. I did a few modifications, mostly in construction. I did all the same modifications as this person.

I did a provisional cast on after the collar tab section so the collar and icord bind off would be done all in one piece at the end. I think having a seam in the collar and icord at the center back in the original is a huge design flaw. It was probably done that way to keep the difficulty level down. I never pass up the chance to use a provisional cast on! I did one for the sleeves as well, so the sleeve seam would be a true 3-needle bind off, instead of a weird hybrid in the original pattern. I cast on 10 fewer sleeve stitches than called for to shorten them. I also did a provisional cast on for the icord trim on the cuffs. Grafting that icord was one of the most frustrating things I've had to do for a long time!

I love this jacket so much! Falkenberg's designs are stunning. Her patterns are a lot easier to follow if you jot down the stitch counts and color changes for each ridge. This is pretty much mandatory for designs like this one, where the directions for the 2nd half are "reverse everything." I love the yarn too. It's thin enough to be flattering and comfortable, but crisp enough to hold its shape well.


Teenuh said…
Oh perfect fit! it looks fantastic! :)
kayT said…
I really like how this sweater looks and I also like how it looks on you. Beautiful. I wish I could afford one and also had the skills to knit it! Maybe someday.
This sweater looks so great. I loved seeing it on you in person at the yarn shop the other is such a flattering design. The short rows are great. It looks wonderful.

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