Los Gatos

Rocky, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

We adopted Rocky and Ziva last Thursday from Pacific Siamese Rescue. They are 10 months old, and littermates. Rocky looks like your average traditional Siamese seal point, and Ziva is solid black. Rocky's got some white hairs around his eye from being a little sick ("fever coat"), but they should grow back in dark eventually. Ziva is full of energy, and wants to play all the time. Rocky was pretty shy when he first got here, but he is getting a lot braver! Ziva is very chirpy, but Rocky is really quiet unless he wants food. I think Bryan's happy about that. Yum Yum almost never shut up!


Suna said…
I'm so glad they like their beds! They are both beautiful, and easy to tell apart (which is why I do not have two pugs, LOL).
Jasmine said…
They are so beautiful!!
Maria said…
Oh so beautiful! I'll bet they are loads of fun.
SpinalCat said…
Suna, you could have 1 fawn pug and 1 black pug. That'd be pretty much the same. The bonus for me is that I can tell the cats apart in the dark! Ziva has normal green eye-shine, but Rocky's is red. Siamese have a weird depigmented tapetum.

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