Tuesday, January 06, 2009

FO: Culinary Colors Scarf

Here's the scarf from the yarn I dyed with the Culinary Colors kit. The yarn is a really nice mohair/silk blend (Douceur et Soie). There's only 1 pattern row to remember, and 3 plain rows in between. That makes this a really great first lace project. There's enough yarn to make 2 of these scarves, or one triangular shawl. You'll also have plenty of dye left over for other projects. I love this kit! Check out the Yarndogs schedule for the class days and times. I'm really excited about teaching it, in case you can't tell!

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Maria said...

I saw that today and it is just beautiful! I think we sold one of those kits today, due in part to your beautiful sample! Unfortunately, it was a gift for someone out of state, so we probably won't see the results. Aww.