Catriona Vest Progress, New WIP, and Shopping!

Catriona Vest, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

I thought the knitting was going really slow until I compared this photo to the previous one! I think I have just a couple of repeats left before something happens. You can tell I really read the whole pattern carefully before starting. :)

This is the Lady's Circular Cape in Shell Pattern from Victorian Lace today. I'm using Kidsilk Haze in Pearl (the same yarn as the original). The pattern calls for a size 7 needle. The work shown on the left was done on a size 6, but I ripped it out and started over with a size 5. The stockinette rows between pattern rows (not really visible here) were looking pretty stretched out and ugly. Luckily this pattern knits up fast, and it's easy enough to add extra repeats if the finished size ends up too small. Plus I don't have to switch my size 6 needle tips back and forth between this and the Catriona vest anymore!

I finally made it to the Knitting Arts going-out-of-business sale. I worked Saturday, then Sunday Bryan and I attempted to go to a SFSI picnic in Golden Gate Park. When we got there (on a train and two buses) we found out that the picnic had been canceled, but I didn't see the email. They canceled because they thought it was going to rain, but the weather turned out perfect! Bryan and I played frisbee and ate peach cobbler with our hands. The donut peaches at Whole Foods right now are awesome!

So by the time I made it to the sale on Monday, everything was pretty picked over. I happened to glance down and see this Lorna's Laces combed top (10 oz, colorway Ravenswood). I did manage to pick up a few books- Knitting Without Tears, Naughty Needles, Vogue Stitchionary Vol 2 (Cables), and Kaffe Fassett's Pattern Library. I also got a few individual patterns- Angelina Vintage Jacket from White Lies Designs, Sahara, and the Cascading Fuchsias Market Bags from Noni.

I bought 4 cones of Habu A-33 Fine Merino 2/48 and some matching beads. This is 2988 yards of insanity, or 1494 yards of pretty fine laceweight when 2 strands are held together. Not many people on Ravelry have used this yarn for anything other than stainless steel scarves, so here's some info for comparison. One strand is 11952 yards per pound. That puts it right next to Gossamer Merino on Fleegle's lace yarn spreadsheet. Doubled, it would be between Super Lamb and Merino Lace.


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