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My friend Nicki from Austin tagged me with this meme:

4 Jobs I've Held:
Summer School Tutor (1st grade)
Graduate Research Assistant
Volunteer Sex Educator (current)
Outreach and Organizing Intern (current)

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over Again:
Shock Treatment
Rocky Horror Picture Show
12 Monkeys
SLC Punk

4 Places I've Been:
the Bahamas (I was 6)
Disney World

4 Places I've Lived:
Waco, TX
Pittsburgh, PA (sort of)
Austin, TX
Los Gatos, CA

Part A: 4 TV Shows I Watch: (This was hard. I watch too much TV.)
Project Runway
Law & Order: SVU
The Daily Show

Part B: 4 Radio Shows I Listen To: I borrowed this category from Nicki. Basically I listen to NPR all day, every day.
The World
All Things Considered
Talk of the Nation

4 Things I Look Forward To:
The new Horrorpops CD and show in SF next week!!
Stitches West
Finishing the Facts of Life Line training
Maybe going to the Netherlands this spring

4 Favorite Foods:
Gingerbread pancakes
Chicken yellow curry with pineapple
Lappert's white chocolate mac nut ice cream

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
Knitting with friends
Hiking in the mountains I look at every day
Flamingo Cantina

4 People I email regularly:
My husband Bryan
My brother Michael
My college roommate Ash (facebook and flickr more than email, though)
My landlord Craig. Lol.

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