Knitting Finished on The Sweater!

Sweater, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Here's how it looked at 3am, as seen by the iPhone camera (Bryan finally got his phone working! Yay!). I've since embroidered the cherry stems, grafted the armpits, and woven in ends. I'm planning on redoing the collar in the charcoal color (probably changing to 1x1 rib as well).
I still need to block out the puckering caused by the drastic decrease rounds in the yoke, but it looks great otherwise! This is actually my first sweater ever. :P
Finished photos and more on techniques later, esp. the jog avoidance. I'll definitely post the charts and the pattern I worked out for myself. I'll explain how I got to that point and probably post my sketches and notes too.


loopette said…
Ahhhhhhhhh! So this is the sweater you have been so painstakingly charting and furiously designing over the last year! It looks FABULOUS! I think you are right about the neck: The grey would really act as a frame for the rest of the sweater. You did a beautiful job on it, mon cheri! Congratulations!

loopette said…
After sitting here and admiring it for awhile, I finally realized that the body is a heather mix, not charcoal gray at all. (Doh!) I absolutely love it. Sure wish I could see it in person. Are you heading back this way anytime soon?

mari said…
It looks great!
You did a wonderful job for it being your first sweater.
Love it. The grey on the collar will look good.
Alicia said…
First Sweater Ever?!?!?! Holy cow!!! It looks AWESOME. I'm absolutely blown away. I love the hip fair isle! Way cool.
knittygirl said…
Amy that is so cool! I love the skulls!:-) Should have known your first sweater would be amazing!

That is awesome!

I've been behind on my Google Reader, but I'm glad I scrolled down to see it.

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