The Whole Story So Far

The Story So Far, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.


sunneshine said…
Love the progression! How cool (and talented) to take it from start to finish.

Hope the move is going (went) well!
Alicia said…
Very nice! I like the colors (if they are true to life)... Miss you!
mari said…
The yarn looks so pretty. Love the colors.

Thanks for info on finding pics. For some reason, there were no folders in iphoto to get my pictures from. I had to make a folder and drag pics in. I don't know why they were not automatically made.
Hate to hijack the comments, but I wanted to thank you for the magnets! I had no idea you were moving so soon, or I would have made an effort to show up last week!

Good luck, and your magnets are on my blog.

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