Kitty Movin'

Kitty in Temp Apartment, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

Yum Yum did so well on our move day! All the TSA people thought she was so cute going through security with me. (You have to take pets out of their carrier and hand-carry them through the checkpoint as the carrier gets x-rayed.) She did talk a little on the flight, but was much quieter than the surrounding small children. Most of the time I couldn't even hear her until the husband pointed her out, so I'm sure she didn't bother anyone else. Moving the cat was one of my biggest concerns, but it turned out to be the easiest part! Getting in to the temp apartment was MUCH more difficult. We had outrageously detailed instructions for getting the keys from a lockbox, but NO info on how to get into the parking garage. Finally we discovered that the garage key card was IN the apartment. This place has so many keys they come with a color-coded identification guide. Seriously!
On a more exciting note, we've found a permanent place (it's really special!) and we'll really be moving in soon. Now I'm just hoping our things show up in good condition! To clarify: we flew out here about 2 weeks ago with the cat. Our stuff was packed up and put on a truck. We're living in a furnished temporary apartment (a perk) that's provided for up to 30 days, as is a storage space where our stuff is located right now. That's where the picture was taken. We found a permanent place last week and in a few days, we'll be moving over there and having our stuff taken out of storage and delivered. Sorry to confuse those of you who had already heard about the cat status. I'm slow to get stuff posted cause our connection (our browser, really) has been quite slow.


Lynn said…
Just so long as Yum Yum is happy, all is good, right?
Alicia said…
Congrats on the new place! And I still miss you!
mari said…
Congratulations on finding a home!
Yum Yum looks quite at ease there.
Glad it was an easy move for her.
Heidi said…
What were you doing on a plane? Or was this when you actually moved? Glad you guys found a permanent place!:-)
So the temporary apartment, is that a Google perk? (Or am I just really confused?)

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