My Calendar Contest Submission

My Calendar Contest Submission
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This is the photo I submitted to the Knitty calendar contest that just ended. I had some ideas for other shoots, then I procrastinated and ended up with a 3-day migraine. I've been meaning to catch up on taking some other photos, but I've been almost nocturnal lately and that makes it a little rough. :)


Heidi said…
I like your picture! I meant to submit to knitty for the calendar contest and completely forgot about it. Oh well. Hope yours gets picked!

I ran out of time as well, but did submit my Knucks and some unimpressive pictures of the "Womb" I made for Mom.
fleegle said…
I love that squid! Did you hear back from them? I want to make one.
spinnity said…
OMG, this is fabulous. The details are just perfect.

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