Curved Shawl Swatch from VLT

Curved Shawl Swatch
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I finally managed to swatch this in a recognizable manner. Baruffa Cashwool on size 2.5 needles. I'm going to try again on 1.5 before I start the shawl.
I don't think the Cashwool is that much finer than Lacey Lamb, but I think I want the circles to be a little tighter. I have lots of extra yardage, so I'm not afraid to add repeats if necessary.
I liked the big, graphic pattern of the Parka-Trim Stole from Arctic Lace, but I decided I'd really rather do a curved or triangular shawl right now. Plus, I just couldn't face admitting that I had tried to swatch this pattern and failed.
This shawl is patterned both rows (but so was Myrtle Leaf) and garter stitch based (yay no purling!).


sunneshine said…
Wow, that is beautiful! I think the 1.5's will make it even better - and it will be soft and warm with that beautiful yarn! Love your knitty calendar submission! It sounds like you are moving soon - good luck!
Lynn said…
I found out that this lace pattern is called "Bird's Eye" and is notoriously difficult to knit. The stitch dictionary I'm looking at says to use a chart holder or mark off every row as it's completed, and also to use a stitch marker or saftery pin, or leave a tail, to make absolutely sure that you can tell the right side from the wrong side.

Keep me posted please! I'd like to do this one sometime in the future.

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