Kool-Aid/Easter Egg Dyed Roving

8oz of Blue Faced Leicester roving, dyed with assorted Kool-Aid flavors and Easter egg dyeing tablets. I split the roving into yard-ish length and presoaked it in warm water with vinegar. I followed the package directions for dye tablets (1/2 water with 3 tbsp vinegar) and mixed each Kool-Aid packet in approx. 6oz water and 2oz vinegar. Some say you don't really need vinegar with Kool-Aid (it's got enough citric acid already), but I decided to try it with vinegar this time. I laid out 2 strips of roving at a time on clingfilm and poured on the mixed dyes. I wrapped up the packets and put them in the microwave (1 at a time cause that's all that would fit) for 2 minutes with a 2 minute rest before heating again. It usually took about 3 cycles before the dye seemed exhaused. I heated the packets in a glass dish, and it works a lot better if you put clingfilm over the whole dish. My untaped packets just weren't holding in enough steam by themselves. The roving was allowed to cool (almost completely, cause I had to cook dinner) and washed with Euclan, then rinsed. I didnt notice any dye coming out in the wash. It should be interesting to see how this looks spun up.


roxtarchic said…
i've always wondered and pondered at the "how to" of dyeing... you make it sound so simple (and it looks great btw)... really interesting to read! thnx!

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