Thursday, January 25, 2007

Knucks from Knitty

Knucks from Knitty
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Knucks pattern from Done in a wool/alpaca blend I had left over from my first attempt at the cabled hat for my brother. I first tried the textured cuff, but it wasn't quite stretchy enough and the crab stitch crochet edging just didn't agree with this yarn. I don't really crochet except for edgings, but I practiced on smooth yarn and it looked fine. When I tried it on the glove, it just looked lumpy.
So I went with a plain ribbed cuff (it's black and fuzzy- really no need to get fancy anyway). Ended up using a plain k1 p1 bind-off. When I tried the sewn bind-off recommend in the pattern, the sewing yarn fell apart! I'm becoming quite picky about the way I cast off, often redoing it several times using different methods. There's no reason to spend hours knitting something only to have an ugly edge!

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