First attempt at Navajo plying

Multicolor Navajo ply
Originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.
I'm pretty happy with my first shot at Navajo plying (also my first time plying on my wheel). By the end of the bobbin, the hand motions became pretty automatic. Sometimes I had trouble keeping the tension on the strands of the loops so they wouldn't ply back on themselves. If I had a real lazy kate to get more distance between the bobbin and my hands it might help. Anyway, I love getting the rounded look of a 3-ply while keeping the color changes in the single. Alden Amos calls Navajo plying "more of a stunt than a technique," but who cares?
The big question is what to do with it. It's only about 60 yards.


Anonymous said…
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oh... what disturbed comments!
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