Recipe Roundup- Summer Fruits Edition

Here's some of what I've been doing with the fruit from my friend's backyard and from a trip to Gizdich Ranch this summer!

BBQ sauce for
       chicken wings
       ribs (see blackberry ribs recipe below for method)

pie - This is my old favorite pie recipe. This time, I used the gluten free frozen crust from Whole Foods. You can substitute almond flour or whatever gluten-free flour you have for the topping. If not using rhubarb (works just fine with just berries), you can use about half the amount of sugar it calls for.

peach cobbler - Also one of my old favorites. I used the all-purpose gluten free flour in the green box that     looks like this. I also subbed a buttermilk + water blend for the 1% milk. The batter got super fluffy from the acid in the buttermilk (I guess), but it turned out great!


Bogie said…
Oooo, that cobbler sounds really good.

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