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Here's a quick guide to where I find recipes. You can expect these sources to be free of grains, soy, and legumes. Some of these sources may call for dairy in some recipes. If you are on a strict challenge (hi, CFWG buddies!) or are dairy-free, you can always substitute coconut oil for ghee or butter and you can usually substitute coconut milk for cream. Skip the cheesy stuff (sad, I know).

recipe aggregator with most of the popular blogs and some obscure ones (like mine!)
Try one or both of the following tags if you are completely avoiding dairy-

Nom Nom Paleo
This is the site that kind of started it all for me. She's a local Bay Area blogger, so a good place to get the scoop on restaurants and local markets too! She tends to do a lot of protein sous vide which I'm not currently interested in, but there are a ton of fantastic slow cooker (and pressure cooker) recipes and great side dishes. I don't have her iPad app yet, but I'm planning on getting it.
Top picks-
Roasted broccoli & bacon
Slow cooker Korean grass fed short ribs
Slow cooker roast chicken & gravy
Paleo krabby patties
Slow cooker kalua pig

The Food Lovers Kitchen
Tons of recipes from the authors of Make It Paleo. It looks like most of the recipes in the book are on this site for free.
They tend towards grilling, which is great if you have a grill. There's a ton of baked goods for all special occasions if you're into that.
Top picks-
Jamaican jerk salmon  (can easily be baked instead of grilled and you can experiment with other spice blends using the same method)
Smoky lime rib steaks
Dates stuffed with goat cheese (better than any baked good, IMHO)
Cinnamon coconut butter truffles (just coconut butter, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla!)

a little heavy on the treats sometimes, but always entertaining!
Top picks-
Pistachio pesto chicken pasta
Mexican-inspired burgers

Jan's Sushi Bar
I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't tried that many of her recipes, but I have most of them bookmarked!
Top pick-
Fig and chevre stuffed chicken breasts (utterly amazing!)


Well Fed (my current favorite)
Getting bored? This book has tons of fun stuff with flavors from all around the world. Highly recommended.
You can download a 30-page sample PDF here, and follow the author's blog here.
Top picks-
Chocolate chili
Bora Bora fireballs
Cinnamon beef stew with orange gremolata
Morrocan meatballs

Practical Paleo
This is way more than a cookbook. Really awesome resource. It just came out, but I'll be cooking my way through it in the coming weeks during the nutrition challenge at CrossFit Willow Glen.
Top picks-
pumpkin pancakes
spiced lamb meatballs with fig compote
lamb chops with olive tapenade
(I've been cooking a lot of lamb since I took the lamb butchery class at 4505 Meats!)

Make it Paleo
highly recommended if you have a grill and enjoy using it. May not be so useful otherwise.
Top picks-
Smoky lime rib steaks
Jamaican jerk salmon
dates stuffed with goat cheese

Everyday Paleo
lots of good stuff in here. don't expect perfect photography
Top picks-
shrimp tacos
Red curry beef stew

Paleo Comfort Foods
Spectacular for beginners who want to satisfy their cravings without wrecking their gut, people from the South and/or Texas , impressing family, and holidays.
Top picks-
homemade breakfast sausage (this has become my quick breakfast staple)
coconut flour tortillas (used this to make traditional Tex-Mex enchiladas)
sweet potato casserole
pork tenderloin p,b,&j
osso buco


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