WIP Roundup- Spectra Scarf, Mondo Cable Cardi, Tardis Socks

Spectra Scarf WIP

I'd been toying with the idea of starting a Spectra scarf of my own for a long time, and even dreamt about it once, but never quite decided on the right yarn and colorway. After pouring over other people's Ravelry projects, I really fell in love with this one color of Zauberball. Then I realized we had that color on the shelf, the shop started carrying solid colors of Kauni, and we got in an awesome shawl pin that matched the colorway perfectly! Everything fell into place and I started on this very addictive pattern about a week ago.

Mondo Cable Cardi
So technically I finished this Mondo Cable Cardi last night and wore it today, but here's a still kinda in progress photo. I am thrilled that we're having another cold spell so I can wear it a lot. I made it in Dream in Color Classy in Gothic Rose. I alternated 3 skeins at a time, 1 row each. That was a little weird at the front neck cast on area, but I managed it with minimal weird floats. It wasn't an issue to keep things from tangling on the body, but I was getting a little impatient having to untangle the yarn balls every so often on the sleeves. I'd still always recommend alternating skeins.

Tardis Sock #1
I'll probably be finished with these Tardis socks later tonight. The first one looks funny here because they are sized for Bryan but I only have an Amy-sized sock blocker. I think the pattern was for 72 stitches but I bumped it up to 81 (80 for the ribbing and foot) by spacing out the words a little and adding an extra 9-stitch repeat of the window colorwork and texture. The yarn is my Merino/cashmere/nylon sock that I dyed just for this.


Bogie said…
The spectra scarf is super cool!
Kim R said…
Love the scarf and the cardigan. But THOSE SOCKS! They are fabulous!
adriene said…
Stephen West's patterns are so amazing. I have yet to knit one, but I am eager to work with his two-colour patterns. I just need to choose one to start with!

I love it that knitters are always the only ones pleased with the last few spells of cold weather so that we can get more wear out of our handknits!
spinnity said…
I'm voting with Kim R. Tardis socks, awesome! But I can't wait to see that finished sweater, either. Go, knittah, go!

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