Finished Yarns- The Borg and Zombies

Borg Yarn

I spun up the singles from my Star Trek SAL batts from A Dyeing Wish several months ago, but I never quite decided how I'd ply them until recently. There were 3 batts- one was black and light gray with red sparkle, one black with red and green sparkle, and one black with red, green, and yellow sparkle. I thought about just using them as singles or maybe chain plying for 3 different but coordinating skeins. Finally I decided just to ply the 3 singles together for a consistently colorful yarn.

Zombie Handspun

My Braaaaiiiins colorway batts from Heavenly Fiber also arrived as 3 batts, but all very similar. I spun up one at a time, splitting the batt lengthwise in strips so each single went from black to gray to light gray/pink. I plied the 3 singles all going in the same direction to get a gradient yarn. I have about 160 yards of worsted-ish yarn. I'm thinking a hat or cowl/scarflet. That may be a little boring, but it needs to be something I can wear a lot and show off that doesn't come in pairs. :)

While I'm talking Etsy shops, I'd like to mention a few others I've fallen in love with. ZooZ jewelry from Greece made my silver bat necklace and is seriously tempting me with the matching earring and the T-Rex design. I recently received some silver and enamel constellation earrings (mine are medium and tiny) from the Montreal-based Mariane Alexandre. They are sold as singles so you can mix and match sizes and colors. I've been a fan of Sunbasilgarden soaps for a long time and loaded up on minty and chocolatey scented soaps just before the holidays. Now she has a ton of adorable Valentine's Day themed soaps (like pink cupcakes!) in her shop.


spinnity said…
The Braaiiiiiins look yummy!

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