Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Which I Become a Bag Lady

In February I used my evil enabling powers to spread the word about the Namaste Bitty Bag.
This month, I've been doing a bit of shopping on Etsy. Tee hee.
First up is a box bag from Bad Amy Knits-
Box Bag
Bad Amy Knits had some fabric from the same collection as the fabric in my beloved bat project bag from The Silver Pumpkin. This doesn't quite capture my excitement. Let's try that again. She has trick or treating black cat fabric that matches my trick or treating bat bag. (She also had fabric that matches another knitting bag I own and fabric that matches a corset I own!)
Halloween-y Bags
The box bag is super sturdy. I think there is interfacing between the layers of fabric. It's probably not even necessary to use point protectors on my needles, but I will anyway.

Next up is 2 ladybug bags from Sock Diva-
Bug Bags
The adorable little one on the left is the Omiyagi Ladybug size. It's just a little too small for cramming a knitting project in, but it's perfect for keys, ID, and cell phone. The one on the right is the Sock Bug I ordered to match my ladybug. They both have a really nice long shoulder strap.
One teensy little complaint I have is the only one of these bags with a label on the inside is the Silver Pumpkin bat bag. It's super helpful to have the URL or at least the name of the shop readily available when I'm showing off my bags. It also reminds me of the person who made them and makes me smile.

Last but not least is this lovely key lime cheesecake soap (yes, soap!) from Sunbasilgarden

Photo by Sunbasilgarden. The gingerbread scent of the "crust" is the predominant note in this soap. It makes my whole bathroom smell nice. Normally, my bathroom smells like wet sheep at best. :) The "crust" layer even has real sugar for a bit of scrubbiness! So cool!
Next I might have to go for some creamsicle soap or zombie cupcake soap!

Friday, March 25, 2011

WIP: Coquena the Llama

Coquena the Llama has been a pretty epic crochet project.
So far she's gone from this
Llama Pieces
to this
Coquena the Llama
to this
Coquena the Llama
The pattern has been very easy to follow, even for a not-very-experienced crocheter. I had a little bit of trouble with the hat. It came out too big when I followed the instructions, so I'm going to redo it to a custom size now that I've put the llama's head together. The loop stitch is actually very easy to do, but it eats up a ton of yarn! I'm using Mission Falls 136, a DK weight superwash Merino. My only big complaint about the pattern is it doesn't include yardage estimates. I've posted the amounts I used on Ravelry, but I haven't weighed partial skeins.