FO Roundup: 2nd Woven Scarf, Capucine Hat, Road to China Mitts


Here's my second woven scarf. This one is Cascade 220 for the warp and Noro Silk Garden for the weft. I think my selvedges are getting a lot better! I double stranded the edge warp threads and that plus a thicker yarn plus practice seems to have helped a lot.

I had my eye on this lovely purple and gold Malabrigo Aquarella for a while, then I stumbled across the Capucine hat pattern shortly after I bought the yarn. Like many things I've been making lately, it's slightly ridiculous but I love it! The original pattern calls for bulky yarn but uses a size 8 needle. I used SpiderWomanKnits' modifications for a more typical size 11 needle as a starting point, but I found a couple of things unclear. This PDF by RosakaKnit has line-by-line instructions (the first page) that match what I did almost exactly. The only other change I made was a chain selvedge at the edges of the garter stitch section.

The other day I was at work when I got a text that the heater at the house was broken, so I came home with a couple skeins of Fiber Company Road to China worsted and whipped up some Maine Morning Mitts.
I'd been wanting to try this yarn for forever! It's extra warm and goes well with my purple Capucine.


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