Out of Step Dyeworks at Sock Summit Booth 305!

Sock Summit 2011

You can find me + my yarns, fibers, and patterns + some other great stuff at Sock Summit booth 305 in Portland next weekend!


I will have hard copies of my 2 brand new patterns- the previously-mentioned Vertebral Socks and the Dagon Cowl worked in my Silk Sock. The pattern for the cowl includes both a floppy version and a collar-like tapered version.

Dagon Cowl- floppy version Dagon Cowl- Tapered Version

As for the "other great stuff," I am super excited to have stitch markers from Decor Noir, project bags from Bad Amy Knits, and Sock Bug project bags from sockdiva!

Stitch Markers by Decor Noir
Project Bag from BadAmyKnits Sock Bug

I'm also going to have undyed versions of most of my yarns. So if you're curious about dyeing or want to get first pick before the fall Knitspiration Guild dye day, come on by and I'll be glad to refer you to dyeing resources.


BaubleBin said…
Hi... I just discovered your shop and have promo'd one of your knitting patterns on my BaubleBin FB page. I love your shop and I've bookmarked it for future use. Loved your blog too and just became a follower. Thanks so much for sharing your work and your links. Faye Goode from the BaubleBin at Artfire and Zibbet

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