WIP- Effortless Cardigan + Show Me Your Posts Contest!

I'm working on this Effortless Cardigan (pattern by Hannah Fetig of Knitbot) in Misti Tonos Worsted (alpaca/wool blend). Here's what it looked like when I started writing this post like 3 weeks ago.

WIP- Effortless Cardigan

It's been a while since I made a long sleeve sweater in something other than fingering weight, so I thought it would go a little faster. Not so much. The huge fronts make this basically a sweater and a half. The yarn is so yummy, I'm really enjoying even the tedious parts. Since I took the first photo exactly 2 weeks ago, I've finished the body and started one of the sleeves.

Effortless Cardigan
Um... since I wrote that and took the 2nd photo, I've finished the whole thing! You can come visit it at Yarndogs starting at the end of the week. It's so warm and comfy and perfect!

So... I'm at least 6 months behind on my Ravelry friends' blogs. (Hint: If you post it to Facebook, I'll probably see it.) I want to see what everyone's been working on! I'm going to do a little contest. In the comments, post a link to the blog post about the FO you're proudest of from the last 6 months. In 1 week, I'll randomly draw a winner and you'll get a handspun supercoil necklace or custom dyed yarn or fiber.


Zombie Queen said…
Well... I hope you'll be considering hand spun yarn as a FO :) I was most proud of spinning the "Kraken" fiber on my wheel because it was the most thinnest and most uniform yarn I had ever spun :)
SpinalCat said…
Yes, yarn counts! I meant on specifically mentioning that, but I had a brain fart.
Bogie said…
Does a pattern count?
SpinalCat said…
Yes!! Way to go, Janice!!
Diana said…
I currently do not have my blog up and running, but I do facebook and twitter and this is the project I'm most proud of in the past 6 months: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/photo.php?fbid=163405980345719&set=a.115298131823171.14755.114753961877588&pid=455195&id=114753961877588
BTW Zombie Queen told me about this ;) and I've added that lovely effortless cardigan to my pattern wishlist on ravelry <3
yodafatkitty said…
I've made two of these and have plans to make another. Awesome pattern and even better sweater!

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