A New Kitten!

Kitten Carder
Did I trick you? The 2cats are still 2 and not 3. I'm talking about my brand new Kitten drum carder from Fancy Kitty!
I got the 120 cloth for fine fibers. The maker suggests that only people who are making batts of mostly angora or maybe suri alpaca need the 190 cloth.
I love it!
It's not hugely different from the Pat Green I was borrowing from Rachel, but it's more compact and I like that. There's a Ravelry group for the carders and the maker answers questions all the time. These blog posts from The Painted Tiger are incredibly helpful and drool-worthy.
I've made a few batts by now, and I can easily get at least 2.5oz of fiber using the brush to push the fibers down the teeth. I haven't been fastening the brush attachment in the down position, just pushing it down with my hand for a few turns now and then. This is one of the batts I made for the Phat Fiber October steampunk theme. It's a blend of merino, camel, and silk based on the character of Yashmeen Halfcourt from Thomas Pynchon's novel Against the Day.


Bev Love said…
Beautiful batt from your new kit cat. Good job.

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