Saturday, October 23, 2010

A New Kitten!

Kitten Carder
Did I trick you? The 2cats are still 2 and not 3. I'm talking about my brand new Kitten drum carder from Fancy Kitty!
I got the 120 cloth for fine fibers. The maker suggests that only people who are making batts of mostly angora or maybe suri alpaca need the 190 cloth.
I love it!
It's not hugely different from the Pat Green I was borrowing from Rachel, but it's more compact and I like that. There's a Ravelry group for the carders and the maker answers questions all the time. These blog posts from The Painted Tiger are incredibly helpful and drool-worthy.
I've made a few batts by now, and I can easily get at least 2.5oz of fiber using the brush to push the fibers down the teeth. I haven't been fastening the brush attachment in the down position, just pushing it down with my hand for a few turns now and then. This is one of the batts I made for the Phat Fiber October steampunk theme. It's a blend of merino, camel, and silk based on the character of Yashmeen Halfcourt from Thomas Pynchon's novel Against the Day.

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Bev Love said...

Beautiful batt from your new kit cat. Good job.