Is This Real Life?

I have a bit of a headache that's slowed me down long enough to blog!
I've been dyeing like mad for a wholesale order (more details on that tomorrow) and going to tons of shows.

The future holds dyeing like mad for Lambtown and rocking out with my new ska band, haha. I just got 30 lbs of undyed fiber, mostly amazing luxury blends.

Not much knitting happening except for a ribbed hat I whipped up in Silk Garden and still chugging along on the self-striping socks in my yarn. I realized last night that I guessed wrong when I marked the heel stitches without the pattern in front of me. Last time I used 60% of the stitches for the heel instead of 50%. I'll probably leave it, at least until after I use it as a sample at Lambtown!

Bryan's birthday was about a week ago. I made him an Energy Dome cake.

I bought him a Scooba and he ran it for the first time yesterday. The cats are pretty curious about it, but haven't gone for a ride yet.

I made this sherbet with some melons from the veggie box. I did something similar with strawberries, but I think I didn't use enough milk. It's way icier than the melon.

I made sausage balls for the Pacific Siamese Rescue picnic. I met the couple who adopted one of Rocky and Ziva's littermates (Lena, the black cat in this photo) along with one of their foster brothers (Lionel).

I made these vegan snickerdoodle cupcakes to take to the Command Center for the Angel & Robot Show. They turned out totally amazing.


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