Thursday, August 23, 2007

De-kinked Koigu

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The frogged Koigu has been washed and dried. Now it's just waiting for a nice, stretchy stitch pattern.

Almost There!

Bryan's Socks
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I've been catching up on some crafts and photography instead of throwing out junk before the move. Today the cat was hiding under my lightbox on the floor of the office, but I didn't get a chance to take a picture.

Bryan's Socks

Bryan's Socks, originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.

1 1/2 socks finished in Knit Picks Risata for the husband's birthday. I'll be posting the as-yet-unnamed pattern when the second sock is finished.

Guess The Mystery Fiber!

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Here's a hint-
If I were going to name this colorway, it would be called "Blue Point".


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lonely Loach

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Does anyone in Northwest Austin want a fish before next Monday?

Pics from Sunday's Meetup

Sunday at Kneaded Pleasures
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Folow the link to my flickr page to check out the photos from last Sunday's Knitting and Crochet Meetup Group!

Curved Shawl Swatch from VLT

Curved Shawl Swatch
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I finally managed to swatch this in a recognizable manner. Baruffa Cashwool on size 2.5 needles. I'm going to try again on 1.5 before I start the shawl.
I don't think the Cashwool is that much finer than Lacey Lamb, but I think I want the circles to be a little tighter. I have lots of extra yardage, so I'm not afraid to add repeats if necessary.
I liked the big, graphic pattern of the Parka-Trim Stole from Arctic Lace, but I decided I'd really rather do a curved or triangular shawl right now. Plus, I just couldn't face admitting that I had tried to swatch this pattern and failed.
This shawl is patterned both rows (but so was Myrtle Leaf) and garter stitch based (yay no purling!).

My Calendar Contest Submission

My Calendar Contest Submission
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This is the photo I submitted to the Knitty calendar contest that just ended. I had some ideas for other shoots, then I procrastinated and ended up with a 3-day migraine. I've been meaning to catch up on taking some other photos, but I've been almost nocturnal lately and that makes it a little rough. :)