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Here's a quick rundown on some resources I've organized or found recently. All of them have to do with stuff I've already been talking to Sally about. :)
I've put together a list of links to sites and books I've read on dyeing here.
(There's 35, and they may show up on more than one page.) I've used tags to describe what kind of dyes, what techniques are used (both application methods and techniques for multiple colors), and what heating methods are discussed in each source.
Here is a discussion on Ravelry about what blog tools people are using, and here's a Ravelry discussion of how to get those nifty WIP progress bars to work in Blogger. I'll have to try that out later. . .

I've made a little lightbox from this Strobist tutorial. I had pics of the actual box, but it looks like I deleted them. I used tracing paper for the sides and top. The only thing I really did differently from the tutorial was to cut out the sides while the box was still flat. This way I could slide a cutting mat (normally used with my rotary cutter) between the sides of the box and use my box cutter without fear of cutting things that shouldn't be cut (myself, the carpet, etc). Here's a pic of the Koigu from the Crusoe socks I recently frogged. This was taken in the lightbox outside on an overcast day. The socks were just. too. small. I took a pic before washing the yarn cause it looks so darn cool still kinked up from knitting.

I feel like I'm making a lot of progress on the photography front (at least theoretically). I've read a lot of books (that I'll have to add to my LibraryThing list soon) and understand enough to want to (and be able to) use my DSLR on manual-everything. I even went out and got a grey card to help with custom white balances and to help me understand metering. Cause when you're taking pictures of yarn you've dyed (as I intend to do if I ever get around to dyeing some yarn!) it's nice to have the pictures actually look like the yarn you dyed! I'm still working on getting better images, but at least I know what I need to improve on now. I'm planning on picking up a Gorillapod SLR Zoom this week at the local camera store (wow! I used to think I could spend a lot of $$$ at the LYS!), and I'll be experimenting with setting up the lightbox inside with lamps. Cause it sucks to have to lug everything on the porch and get bit by mosquitoes every time I want to take a picture.

I was going to throw some more pictures in this post, but for some reason it's an unholy nightmare to accomplish that. Either I have to do multiple posts from Flickr and cut-and-paste, or fight the Blogger editor to get the formatting and linkage I want. Hey, Blogger, if I don't save my drafts, it's for a good reason! I don't need my mistakes to be auto-saved every minute!
I guess I need to brush up on my html skillz.


That's awesome! Thanks for all the links. Also, the light box link is great too. I've been wanting to take better pictures (but not patient enough to actually work at it.)

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