Myrtle Leaf Shawl Blocked

Myrtle Leaf Shawl Blocked
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Finally finished! Blocked just in time to wear at my friend's wedding reception. I picked the color to match the trim on my bridesmaid's dress. :) I'm really happy with it. I thought I needed to take a little break from lace, then I found a HUGE skein of Italian laceweight merino at Hill Country Weavers for $18. (Actually less cause there was a sale!)
Now I'm trying to figure out which Victorian Lace Today pattern would look good in red. I'm also psyching myself up to break the red yarn curse (I never finished the last 3 red projects I started).


Lucy said…
Very nice indeed - SpinalCat - Congratulations - Happy Knitting!
sunneshine said…
The shawl looks beautiful!! I love the creme with your dress.
Grace Yaskovic said…
I love it Looks beautiful~
Sherilyn said…
It's beautiful!

I think just about any of the patterns in VLT would work in red...just go with the pattern that "speaks" to you and you will be more likely to finish it.
You did a fabulous job on this, Amy! Love the creamy vanilla color ... not dirty white, but truly a soft, glowy candlelight vanilla.

As for your red yarn ... how about the Maltese Shawl in VLT?

SpinalCat said…
I like the Maltese shawl, but the pattern is written for US 7, and I need to use US 1.5 or 2.5 with that cobweb weight yarn. I'm going to do that curved shawl with the red circles that we talked about. It's written for Lacey Lamb, which is pretty close in weight to my Cashwool.
I pretty much like all of the patterns. I want to do the cap shawl for sure (probably in one of the knit picks yarns, in a color that matches a dress I own) and then I want to do a triangular one. A lot of the patterns are written for fingering weight yarn, and I really like that Smooshy yarn Claire had.

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