Milanese lace scarf

Milanese lace scarf
Originally uploaded by Buxtrosion.
Vintage mohair scarf using Milanese lace pattern from one of the Barbara Walker books. I got the yarn at a swap but it originally came from Sears! I'll photo the label soon. The pattern is visible enough in real life without blocking, but I just couldn't get it to photograph well today. My tripod is on vacation, and I happen to be working on 3 red projects at the moment. Not the best photo day.


lisabeth said…
Nope, if you're not an employee, you get paid as a contractor. So far no advanced knitting classes... they want to make sure they have the customers for that (I asked). They don't know it yet, but I'm hoping to transfer to another store in July b/c I'm moving to WA. Should I keep your info to give them before I leave?

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