Sunday, November 19, 2017

Wiggle Dress

Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress in some stretchy floral from JoAnn. One of the pattern testers used this fabric and it looked amazing on her. I got the last 2 yards in the Bay Area, lol. It is slightly spongy like scuba but has a really interesting texture (not sure if it would officially be considered Liverpool, but similar).  The instructions have you baste the seams and try it on (then flip it inside out and pin out any excess). Came out great. Basically just needed to bring in the hips to my usual size (I cut XXL all over to start with). The sway back adjustment built into the pattern was sufficient for me. I was a little nervous about topstitching the elastic in the neckline, but I was having a really good day with my twin needle and it turned out perfect. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Saturday sews

I'm caught up now. I made all 3 of these Saturday while hubby took the kid to the museum. Baby Bear Joggers by Patterns for Pirates, cotton interlock from JoAnn. Cuffs are cotton Lycra. I love joggers because they keep the bottom of the kid's pants from getting dirty at school. I did the fold over yoga band waist because I wanted to make sure this was the right size before doing the more complicated waist with several channels of narrow elastic and an optional drawstring. This is size 4 all over. I had trouble stretching the waistband enough to attach evenly. Not sure if I cut the wrong length or what.
Boxers are Patterns for Pirates Pirate Booty. Size 4 leftover CL. A little big for now. Banded everything and skipped the working fly option.
Patterns for Pirates Sweet Tee in leftover hacci. Definitely doable in 1 yard for short sleeve. It's a little dolman and it's amazing in this fabric. Banded everything, it's the short waist band. I made a straight XXL and the hips are a little big. Next time I'll grade down the hips.

Woven sewing roundup

Here's some stuff I made with quilters cotton from JoAnn. Gabriel's reversible shorts from CKC. I love this pattern. Think I'm making size 4 now.
Dinosaurs are a set I made for a new baby gift. Dress is CKC Tabitha Baby. Super cute. Looks nice, easy to fit and put on and off since the top is knit fabric and the skirt is woven. Used a rolled hem on the serger with stretch thread in the loopers and it looks perfect.
Halloween pants are Taylor's pajama pants from CKC. I've made a ton of these.
Halloween skirt is two 20" lengths of full width of fabric sewn in a tube and gathered to my hip measurement and attached to a cotton/Lycra knit band. I think I used the chart for the pencil skirt? Band is a little big, but it just sits lower. I wear it with tshirts so the band doesn't show. Attached lace trim to hem.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Batty Shirts

Gone Batty free pattern by Patterns 4 Pirates. JoAnn Doodles fabric with cotton/Lycra neckbands. Measured kid's wingspan to make the pattern smaller for him. Serged edges (running off each curve to keep points sharp) which helped hide the white wrong side of the fabric.

Cocoon Cardigan and Free Spirit Tank

Cocoon Cardigan in hacci sweater knit fabric from Sew So English. Size XXL with patch pockets. A little big. Full length sleeves, long body length, short bands/cuffs.
Free Spirit Tank size XL shoulders/XXL bust/down to L at hips for less extreme flared shape. Shirt length. Sheer striped athletic fabric from JoAnn. Bands in cotton/Lycra. Serged raw edge at hem. Rolled hem wasn't working on the very slippery fabric.

Made 4 Mermaids Cora and Nina

Mama Cora coulottes size green in double brushed poly from So Sew English, and Mama Cora swing dress in size green with same fabric, different print.

Relaxed Raglan and Jolly Roger Raglan

Jolly Roger Raglan (kids) and Relaxed Raglan from Patterns 4 Pirates. Prints are Doodles cotton interlock from JoAnn. Preshrink it a lot! Black is cotton/Lycra from Purpleseamstress fabrics online. Size 4 for kids, faux cuff hemming for body and sleeves. Mine is size XXL (?) with modified off the shoulder hack (2" instead of 3"), tunic length with loose band. Orange one shows tight band, which I cut off and replaced with loose band. 3/4 sleeves on all.

Peg Legs & Bonny Leggings

The next free patterns I tried were Peg Legs by Patterns 4 Pirates and Bonny Leggings by Made 4 Mermaids. Graffiti athletic fabric and superhero girls cotton/Lycra from JoAnn. Used contour waistband for mine with grey athletic fabric lining. Size XL with XXL waistband. Started using faux cuff method to hem with serger since Sean was busting the hems done with twin needle.
Black cotton/Lycra from Purpleseamstress fabrics online. Started putting clear elastic at top of contour waistband. Amazing.
Size 4 Bonnie's? Sewing machine pattern is double-brushed poly from Sew So English.
Color blocked with pocket is athletic knit from JoAnn. Added crotch gusset this time.

This is a sewing blog now?

I've mostly been keeping up with my knitting, crochet, and weaving projects over on Ravelry. But I got a serger a few months ago and am averaging at least 1-2 garments a week. 😂
I need somewhere to keep up with details like modifications, sizing, and yardage requirements.
First up is the Pirate Pencil Skirt (free pattern) from Patterns for Pirates. Done in Nicole Miller scuba fabric from JoAnn (on sale or coupon), 1 yard each. Size XL graded to XXL for high hip and waistband. 1 yard each.
I used the twin needle for hemming. I love these, I just haven't worn them much because the prints are not very fall-like.

Monday, May 26, 2014

FO Roundup: Lacy Tanks/Tees

Whoops! I accidentally a whole year!
Here's some stuff I made. Unfortunately I don't remember all the exact details of issues I may have had/modifications I made.


Seaglass Shell from Interweave Knits Summer 2012, design by Daniela Nii.
Yarn: Madelinetosh Pashmina in Norway Spruce, 3 skeins for 3rd size.
I ran into some problems that required some minor fudging at the shoulders for my size. The serious problem was how enormous the hips run in this design. I was devastated when I tried the FO on and it looked horrible. I had to unseam a few inches of the front and back and then rip them out from the cast on edge for several inches to get rid of the excess fabric, then knit straight down and cast off again. It worked and looks great now. For anyone who isn't extremely pear-shaped, just cast on fewer stitches on all pieces to begin with and skip most of the decreases.


Low Tide Cardigan by Tincanknits
Yarn: SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock in Tourmaline, 2 skeins for 40" size (I was supposed to need 3 skeins).
This was fun and easy, interesting construction. I wasn't sure how much I would like the rolled, angled edge, but I do really like it. It looks super cute right now- I'll have to get some modeled photos.


Bertie from the Louisa Harding booklet for Colline yarn
Yarn: Louisa Harding Colline in the colors the book called for. I don't remember how much.
It calls for a size 7 needle and the largest size is a 38" finished measurement. Either I knit way looser in this stitch pattern than I thought, or it is stretchier than I thought, because I ended up needing to use a size 6 needle to fit 40-41". I added an extra stripe of each color before the armholes and it is still shorter than I would prefer. Other than that, I love it.


Bonnie from Tincanknits
Yarn: Madelinetosh Prairie in Forestry, 1 skein for size ML (about 5" neg ease)
The shoulders are a little wide/unfinished looking, but I'm pretty happy with it overall. I haven't gotten to wear it much at all, so I may have more thoughts later.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Recipe Roundup- Summer Fruits Edition

Here's some of what I've been doing with the fruit from my friend's backyard and from a trip to Gizdich Ranch this summer!

BBQ sauce for
       chicken wings
       ribs (see blackberry ribs recipe below for method)

pie - This is my old favorite pie recipe. This time, I used the gluten free frozen crust from Whole Foods. You can substitute almond flour or whatever gluten-free flour you have for the topping. If not using rhubarb (works just fine with just berries), you can use about half the amount of sugar it calls for.

peach cobbler - Also one of my old favorites. I used the all-purpose gluten free flour in the green box that     looks like this. I also subbed a buttermilk + water blend for the 1% milk. The batter got super fluffy from the acid in the buttermilk (I guess), but it turned out great!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

FO Roundup: Epic pink/purple edition!

I've got quite the backlog of projects to show here, and all of them are pink and/or purple!


First up, Old Forge by Steven West from the book Westknits 3.
Yet another bandwagon project...
I probably never would have given it a second thought if Teri hadn't made her shop sample in Madelinetosh yarns. The original (from Westknits Book 3) is super huge and rustic. There is a lace pattern that I omitted for several reasons- too rustic looking (although some people have changed it to stockinette instead of garter), not lined up correctly with the rest of the pattern (although there is a modified chart floating around that corrects this flaw). Instead, I kept going with the stripes, spacing them further and further apart. I really like the effect and it pretty much matches what I had going on in my head when I planned it. With everything all bunched up on the needle, I couldn't really tell if it was going to give the effect I was going for (sort of a pond ripples thing). The only problem was dealing with the jog at the beginning of the round. I think I did a pretty good job tidying it up with the loose ends as I wove them in. I can tell it's there, but it's not jarring.
I used Madeinetosh Tosh DK on size 8 needles in Vermilion, Opalline, and Duchess. I might make the Bedrock hat from the same book sometime since I picked up a couple of skeins of Terra in Black Walnut before we closed it out. Any other ideas?

Mudra Cuff

Mudra cuff (and necklace) by Laura Nelkin
This project is so much fun and it's been great fun teaching others the technique. Once you get the hang of it, you can make one of these in a couple of hours. I love the color combos Laura Nelkin came up with for these kits.


Snowflake sweater by tincanknits
We got a couple of sample skeins of SweetGeorgia Superwash DK before the main shipment showed up in the shop. We'd also recently started carrying tincanknits pattern, so I volunteered to make this adorable sample sweater! The 2 colors she sent us worked so well together, there are many customers using the same exact combo. I started making another one in my leftover Tosh DK in Opalline and Duchess from my Old Forge blanket. Maybe next winter I'll make a me-sized one.

Scalene by Carina Spencer
I resisted the Madelinetosh Merino Light for a while, but the Spectrum colorway came in soooo pretty and there was a great bright pink (Persian Rose) that the rep said was discontinued, so I went for it! The Scalene pattern is really cool and makes a super wearable scarf because the keyhole(s) keep it in place. This is definitely a piece I'll get a ton of use out of. I'm sort of considering making another one in different colors!